Nearly every aspect of Sue Center can be altered - fonts, heights, widths, letters and short words. Normally, very few of these need to be changed from the default. This is done by the able-bodied helper of the user not the user themselves. The user can control the colors and the sounds but not the many things listed below.

It is recommended that you make changes in small increments and test the results after each change.

Sue Center itself cannot be running while doing the configurations below. If it is you will be notified of this.

Start the configuration program from the shortcut on the desktop. The dialog looks like this:

At the top are 5 tabs:

At the bottom there are two buttons for when you're done:

Hopefully the labels on the dialog are self-explanatory but here we provide further explanation in case it might help.



At the bottom is a button labeled "Send and Receive Test Email" to test the email settings you just entered.

Note that Sue Center cannot connect to servers that require a secure connection with SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This includes, unfortunately, and If your ISP requires SSL contact me and I'll set up a free email account for you at


Most of the items here are self-explanatory.

Max Words, Words Width
This is for the word list on the main screen.
Command Width
This sets the width for the Clear, DelW, Faster, Slower at the top, and Speak, Browse, File, Email at the bottom.


Fonts in this area are specified like this:

    Arial 20 normal
    Times 13 bold
Not much more to add.

Use ALLCAPS for Browse text.
Should all letters in the browse area be converted to CAPITALS?


The interface language is for the menus, prompts, and help. You can have word lists from other languages available. You cycle through them by choosing 'Lang'. This allows replying to French emails in French and English emails in English.