If you have come here to download Sue Center you are very likely not a potential user but their able-bodied computer-savvy helper. My commendations and thanks to you. All the effort that was put into creating Sue Center would be for naught if it were not for your assistance in getting the hardware and software set up properly. You will likely also be helping train the user in how Sue Center works. I encourage you to become an expert by giving it a try yourself! It can be a lot of fun to use even for the able-bodied. One way to become an expert (at anything) is to read the help files (either on the web here or within the program itself) and try everything at least once.

Main Program

The main program is needed by all users. It includes various works of literature, the dictionary, chimes and sounds totalling 27 megabytes. Since I'd like to keep track of these downloads I ask that you provide a bit of information first. All fields are optional.



Sue Center provides a Browse mode where the user can read books, easily turn pages, and move from chapter to chapter. These 5 classics are included in the above Main Program download:

Aesop's FablesAesop
Alice in WonderlandLewis Carroll
EmmaJane Austin
The Adventures of Sherlock HolmesArthur Conan Doyle
The Adventures of Tom SawyerMark Twain
The Secret GardenFrances Hodgson Burnett

These great works are in the public domain and were gotten from which is a tremendous source of literature of all kinds. Other collections of literature have been downloaded and prepared for Sue Center. See them in the library.


In order to play and control music (or spoken word audio) with Sue Center you must first install Winamp – the very popular (and free) mp3 player from After following the installation instructions on the Winamp site, launch it once yourself to initialize it. Once this is done, Sue Center will launch it for you.

See the 'Playlist' help topic for how Sue Center plays music.

Sue Center can play audio files (with Winamp) but it is up to you to provide those files in the right format. See this page for full details on how to ‘rip’ and convert your CDs and import them into Sue Center. That page also shows how to configure internet radio stations for playing within Sue Center.

To get you started, you can download and install a sample playlist (22 megabytes) which contains these 5 fine pieces of music:

Click on the names to order your own copy of the music from Amazon. In some instances you can get an mp3 file of just the one song.


Since 3 of the first 5 users of Sue Center wanted to read the Bible there are special mechanisms to facilitate it. See the help file. There are 5 different translations: If you wish to read the Bible, download it here - 8 megabytes. After installation you need to run 'Sue Center Configure'. Choose the Bible tab to select the translation(s) you wish to read.