Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Q. Will Sue Center run on Apple or Linux machines?
    A. Not at this time. It could be ported to those platforms because it is written in a very portable language. The portability issues would be in the areas of synthesized speech and playing sounds. If there is a clear need the ports will be done. Since Microsoft XP machines are ubiquitous and available at a very low cost or free from computer recyclers (like Grey Bears in California) the need is not clear. Sue Center users will (at least at first) only be using Sue Center on their computer.
  2. Q. How about other languages like Spanish or French?
    A. This is certainly possible. Since the letters and word lists are completely and easily configurable it would not be hard to produce a non-English version. Messages from the software (like "Mail will be sent...") would need to be translated as well as a separate step. If the need is clear, this can be done.
  3. Q. MailMe news comes from Can this be changed?
    A. It is possible to have MailMe send different things (not just news) to different users. The email address could be used to determine if a user wanted something special. This would require some special purpose development. Ask me! It sounds like fun.
  4. Q. Is there a way to load a file of words into the word lists?
    A. The file C:\Program Files\Sue Center\words.txt is where the word list is kept. You are free to edit this file using a plain text editor like Notepad. The syntax of each line is:

      WORD 44

    which says that WORD has been used 44 times.

  5. Q. Why isn't my question in this list?
    A. Because you haven't asked it yet. See the contact page.