The main program file you downloaded is a standard .msi file (MicroSoft Install). Double clicking it will begin the installation process. It is very easy since there is nothing to decide - just accept all the defaults. The end result will be a few files in C:\Program Files\Sue Center, many in C:\SueCenterData, and 3 new shortcuts on the desktop.

There are 2 important things to be aware of before starting Sue Center for the first time.

  1. Before double-clicking on the Sue Center shortcut verify that the resolution of the monitor is set to the standard of 1024 by 768 or for wide screen monitors 1280 by 768. (Do this by right clicking on a blank area of the desktop and choosing Properties-Settings (or on Vista Personalize-Display Settings). This is what the default configuration file expects. Once this is set you can double click on the Sue Center shortcut and try it out!
  2. Microsoft XP (and certainly Vista) will pop up a cautionary warning dialog when Sue Center tries to access the internet for the first time. You need to make sure that you "Always Allow" the program sc.exe to access the network. If you don't do this, email and mailme and synonyms will not work at all.
When you send and receive email it will use the test account You're welcome to do whatever testing you wish with the understanding that you may be testing at the same time as others.

When your initial evaluation is over and you want to start using it for real you'll need to do a one-time configuration for your own name and email settings.

Be sure that Sue Center itself is not running while you are doing the configuration below.

Start the configuration program with the desktop shortcut named 'Sue Center Configuration'. The configuration page has the gory details on the multitude of things you can configure. Luckily there are only a very few things that are required to personalize it for the user:

With the above you are good to go.

There are a few optional things you can do to fine tune the configuration:

Next step? Read the Introduction help page and try everything!