Sue Center was written in the fine tradition of open source projects like emacs, perl, linux and apache. It is covered under the GNU General Public License (GPL), a copyleft license.

Sue Center is completely free to those who need it and is freely downloadable from this web site. The source code is also available here for those who are curious and for those who wish to modify it.

This is a gift. Not a commercial product.

Terrible things will happen to you if you try to obtain financial benefit from Sue Center in any way.

I make a living by working/playing as an overpaid professional software engineer. Sue Center is my small way to counterbalance economic injustice in the world.

It's a hacker's dream - I get to have fun reinventing all kinds of nifty wheels with the motivation that I'm actually making someone's life better.

If you find this software useful I'd love to hear about it. That would be the fruit of my labors. See the contact page to get in touch with me.