Further Configuration of the Remote
for Sue Center

There are 3 files in C:\SueCenterData that need to be created/modified. Sue Center can actually have more than one remote dialog in case you wish to have separate controls for each device. To do this you create two more files for each dialog: where XX can be any suffix you wish (like VHS, DVD, DVR, Dish, etc).

The Command Popup

The file english\popupC.txt describes the contents of the Cmd popup. It is a plain text file which you can edit with Notepad, for example. This file has the following 5 lines at the top:
which you should just leave as is and can ignore.

The subsequent lines contain the command words that are displayed 5 across and then down within the Cmd popup. If a line contains only ^^ it means that that space will be left blank. You can rearrange or delete these lines according to your needs. Be sure to leave Quit somewhere, however! One of the lines is:

If you want a separate Remote dialog for a DVD, for example, you can put:
somewhere in the popupC.txt file. The vertical bar character '|' separates the two words. The final "DVD" is what will appear in the command dialog. The first word must begin with "Remote".

You would then create these two files in C:\SueCenterData:

These are called the 'dialog' file and the 'code' file.

The Dialog File - simple

This file is a plain text file - which you can create with Notepad, for example. Lines that are blank or lines that begin with a # are ignored.

Lines in this file control the content and appearance of the Remote popup dialog. For a simple example:

Louder Softer
Prev Next
You can have 1, 2 or 3 commands across.

'Suspend' is a special command that is just like the Suspend/Resume on the main screen of Sue Center. 'Done' will close the dialog and return to the main screen.

This will suffice to create your remote. For further fancy features see below.

The Code File

This file is a plain text file - which you can create with Notepad, for example. Lines that are blank or lines that begin with a # are ignored.

All of the command names in the dialog file need to appear here. The exceptions are Done, Suspend, Scan, and ScanStop. If one is missing you will be notified when launching the Remote dialog. For example:

Sorry, codes for these DVD commands are not present in RemoteDVD-codes: Play
The many groups of numbers that represent the infrared signal for the buttons on your remote will be inserted into this file. See this page for a complete description of how to do that. For the simple example above we would have something like this in RemoteDVD.txt:
Louder 0001 0143 ...
Softer 0002 0044 ...
Play 0023 0984 ...
Prev 0231 0404 ...
Next 0091 0914 ...

The Dialog File - fancy

There are several additional things you can put in the Dialog File to make the dialog more attractive or easier to use. All are optional.